Free djembe mp3

Membership of the Afrodrumming Club is free, plus you get the song "Kwassa" on mp3 for free too.

  • 'Kwassa' is from the album African Drumming.
  • 5 minute rhythm, starts slow but speeds up
  • Great to listen or play along to

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For the shy...

If you don't want to join, here is a sort-of-free djembe mp3.

NOTE: This mp3 has a watermark (a voice at the end says 'Visit Afrodrumming' etc).

For a version without the watermark, join the club silly!

Free Djembe mp3 - 'Kwassa' - (7.31 Meg) mp3 Watermark version


Please note that this mp3 is for personal non-commercial use only. For all other use please see African drumming royalty free music.