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Drum Camp

Drum Camps

If you're a dedicated drummer, or if you fancy a wild weekend out, you might be interested to know that there are a number of outdoor events for percussionists where drum circles, performances, lessons and workshops take place over a couple of days.

Eeyore's Birthday Drum Camp
Eeyore's Birthday Drum Camp. Photo: Kit o'Connell

These multi-day events are often called drum camps and often include dance and singing. They allow you to camp out, meet all sorts and drum to your heart's content.

Drum Camp
Photo: Guano on Flickr

Informal drum circles usually go on throughout the event, except maybe for a few hours so everyone can get some sleep! Inbetween there are performances, drumming lessons, facilitated drum circles and African dance, singing all just about all sorts of workshops. You wouldn't be surprised to see other things on offer such as yoga, massage, meditation and more holistic therapies.

There are usually market stalls selling drums and drum accessories along with the usual food, drink, clothing and other weird things. You'll likely need to bring your own drum as well as all the usual camping gear if needed.

Many of these events have started off as small gatherings, a group of friends getting together to drum, and have spiralled into huge festivals. Consequently there's usually a friendly vibe and a happy sense of community throughout.

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