The djembe

Djembe Tuning

Tightening the verticals

1. Find This Knot

Find where the rope starts. Don't untie it!

2. Pull to tighten

Thread a short thick stick under the rope A (marked in blue), grab both sides of the stick with both hands and pull towards you.

When you've pulled it quite tight, clamp the rope right at the top (at B) with pliers.

3. Keep the pliers tight

A. Hold the pliers in place, clamping the rope at A

B. Take the stick out and wedge it under the next downward vertical (B) and pull hard.

While still pulling, release the pliers and now clamp at the top of the blue rope at C.

Repeat all the way around the drum.

Keep going!

When you get right round the drum, you'll reach the knot again.

A. Keep the pliers tight.

B. Loosen the knot that is tied to the loop in the other end. Don't untie it completely.

IMPORTANT: As you loosen the knot, make sure the other end of the rope (with the loop) doesn't slip through the loop at the top.

Take up the slack in the rope and tie the knot again.

You're done tightening the verticals! Your djembe should already sound better.

Now to fine-tune it and make it sound even better still, move on to the Mali Weave