The djembe

Djembe Strap

Over the shoulder strap

This kind of strap is used for holding the djembe while standing up.

All you need is a piece of thick seat belt-like material, which you can usually find at upholstery or fabric stores or climbing/boating stores. You can even get secondhand seat belt material from a scrap car dealer, although its sometimes too thick to tie a knot in.

You need about 3 metres (8-9 feet).

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Round-the-waist buckle

A strap goes around the waist and two buckles on either side clip on to the rope of the drum.

Djembe Harness

If you'd like more comfort, try this strap at

"A favourite for stage performance, lightweight, durable carry strap fits any sized Djembe. The heavy duty nylon used is strong enough to stand up to the most furious drumming session and comfortable, so that even the heaviest hardwood Djembes feel light and mobile."