The djembe

The Djembe Stand

Using a djembe stand is an alternative to using a strap or sitting down to play. It allows you to play standing up, without having to support the weight of the djembe.

Djembe stands are often made of metal with legs and rings to hold the djembe in place.

Here's a video of Babatunde Olatunji using a number of stands in order to play three drums.

The djembe stands in the video are probably the best in terms of sturdiness, but as they don't fold up, they're quite large and 'clunky' to carry around (try fitting 3 of those in your car). Your best bet would be to measure your drum and ask a local metalworker to custom make you one.

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Alternatively, if you don't play that hard, or your djembe isn't that heavy, here's one on

Adjustable Djembe Stand:
  • Folds up
  • Light
  • Adjustable for various sizes of drum
  • Possibly unsuitable for larger djembes and heavier playing