The djembe

Planning the Djembe Reskinning

Reskinning should really be done over two days to allow the skin time to set before tightening fully.

On your first try, allow about 3 hours, to fit, string and tighten the skin and another hour the on following day to retighten. It is best done outside, or on a washable floor.

If you're planning to oil the drum you will need to add a day or two in between dismantling and re-skinning it for the wood to dry. Once assembled, the skin will take a few days to dry.

Day 1:

  1. Preparing The Skin (60 mins soaking time)
  2. Dismantling the Jembe (20 mins)
  3. Filing The Shell (Optional)
  4. Repairing Cracks (Optional)
  5. Oiling The Shell (Optional)
  6. Cloth Wrapping The Rings (Optional)
  7. Making Hoops On The Rings (30 minutes)
  8. Assembling the Jembe (30 minutes)
  9. Tensioning The Verticals (45 minutes)
Day 2:
  1. Tensioning The Verticals (30 minutes)
  2. The Mali Weave (30 minutes)

You're ready to get started. Continue to Djembe reskinning.