The djembe

Djembe Tuning - How a Djembe is made up

The parts

A system of metal rings and rope is used to stretch the skin over the drum.

Two large rings are used to hold the drum skin in place over the top of the wooden shell. A third smaller ring is welded around the drum's waist.

The drum skin is held place by the two large rings and is stretched by rope attached to the small ring.

The Loops

One large ring and the smaller ring around the drum's waist have rope loops wound on them. This is a simple weave of one piece of rope all the way around the ring.

The Binding

A rope is threaded up and down between the top and bottom loops, all the way around the drum, creating what are called verticals.

When the verticals have been threaded all the way around the drum, the rope is tightened and tied off.

The Mali Weave

The remaining rope is then weaved horizontally between the verticals, pulling the top ring down to further tighten the skin.

That's it in a nutshell! Sounds easy? Yes, you'd think so.

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