The djembe

Choosing a Djembe Bag

If you travel with your djembe drum, its best to get a djembe bag to protect it. Whether you're going to lessons, performances, camping or on an airline, there are a few types of djembe bags to choose from:

1. Djembe drum head covers

Probably the simplest form of protection for your drum, although to be honest I don't think these provide much at all.

Consisting of a simple cloth cover that fits over the head of the drum, using elastic to keep it in place. It will probably be enough to prevent nicks and scratches to the djembe skin, but won't protect against any hard knocks.

Range from £5/$8 and up

2. Cloth Djembe Bags

These are often made in Africa, with colourful material or patterns and look really funky. They zip up around the head of the drum or tie up with cord, and often have two shoulder straps for carrying on your back. The best kinds have double stitching on the seams and are made using two layers of material with some sort of foam or padding in between.

They offer relatively good protection for general travelling, although probably not enough over the djembe face to prevent damage from a hard knock.

Range from £10/$16 and up.

3. Nylon Djembe Bags

Two layers of nylon with foam in between, usually with shoulder straps, sometimes a carry handle.

Range from £20/$30 and up.

There are 2 nylon djembe bags recommended here in our store.

4. Canvas Djembe Bags

These are more expensive, but offer better protection, especially for the head of the drum - good if you travel a lot or send your drum in an airline cargo hold.

They often have robust zips, both a carry handle and shoulder straps, heavy duty canvas in layers and a pouch for carrying a few extras.

Range from £25/$40 and up.

5. Djembe drum flight cases

A djembe drum shaped fibreglass mould that clearly offers the best form of protection, but is expensive and heavy. The case opens up using hinges, sometimes lockable and has a soft inner lining, and would probably be custom made for a specific drum.

Quite rare, makers include LP, Anvil, SKB and Tony Legrutta.

Range from £70/$100 to £700/$1000